White Paper: Customer Service Performance Checklist

White Paper: Customer Service Performance Checklist

Have you fallen into some bad habits when it comes to customer service in your contact centre or are missing out on new opportunities for service?

Then download this handy checklist (brought to you by Business System’s partner Teleopti) to see if your customer service is running smoothly based on your staffing.

Customer Service Performance Checklist

Our handy checklist covers:

√ Checking your KPIs reflect exactly what your business needs

√ Being able to evaluate old school KPIs vs. new options

√ Ensuring your policies reflect a positive environment in which your staff would like to work in

√ Ensuring you speak to the right teams who will be able to provide you with valuable information when it comes to service performance

√ Making sure you get your reports in line

Additional Information

To download the Customer Service Performance Checklist White Paper Click Here

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