The Importance Of Real-Time Data Monitoring

Real-time monitoring has largely been made possible by the uptake of cloud technology in customer interaction management, so what exactly is it, and how can you use it to improve your customer contact strategies?


What is Real-Time Performance Monitoring?

For all customer contact operations, monitoring performance in real-time can have major business benefits. Not only can it help you operate in the most efficient way possible, but it can also enable you to maximise the effectiveness of individual customer interactions, and ensure that you’re providing your customers with exceptional service.

Real time monitoring refers to the software, tools and processes that allow managers and team leaders to see what’s happening in their customer interactions across all their teams and campaigns, as they happen.

Depending on the type of business, and therefore, interactions handled, utilising cloud technology in your customer contact management allows you to monitor individual and team KPIs and service levels, as well as inbound and outbound traffic, abandonment rates, average waiting times, speed of interaction handling, and best performing teams or individual agents.

This information can be vital for long term business success because knowing what’s going on at any given time in interactions between your advisors and customers can not only help you improve performance, but also ensure you remain compliant with key industry regulations.

Why Real Time Monitoring?

Increasing visibility of these key metrics enables you to respond quickly to any issues, improves efficiency levels, and even gives you the ability to spot possible system issues before they impact on your end customer experience.

With cloud based customer interaction management, all the customer contact data, regardless of the channel used, is collected and stored securely. So, it can be accessed at any time, from any location, giving you all the management information you need for business improvement.

Not only does real time monitoring give you essential insight into your performance, when integrated with other cloud technology, for example speech analytics, you can even observe patterns in calls, and act to improve a call outcome as its taking place.

5 tips to help you make the most of your real-time monitoring

Make the most of your technology and support: Cloud technology is designed to make processes simpler so use it to its maximum potential. If your contact centre technology provider has a team of experts monitoring your customer interaction traffic, use their expertise to ensure you’re getting best results from your campaigns. Let them provide reporting for you so you can focus on talking to your customers, and achieving your business goals.

Create a benchmark target: Not only does the prospect of a benchmark target give your team an indicator of how you need them to perform, but it also gives you the opportunity to identify areas for improvement should this target be missed.

Reward your top performers: Real time monitoring gives you the ability to identify the top performers in your team, and use gamification to raise performance levels in others.

Provide additional training: Real time monitoring also lets you see which team members may need additional training. Call records and speech analytics can be used to see how the most successful advisors are handling interactions, and introduce these tactics across all teams.

Document and share your Call Monitoring Policy: Make sure that your monitoring policy is documented and shared with your teams so they now how what they are being measured against and how for performance improvement and compliance.

At Ultracomms we continuously monitor all customer interactions for our clients, and proactively report so they can get on with the important bit – talking to their customers.

Monitoring for trends in your calls and providing call and interaction data helps ensure maximum productivity levels are achieved as well as taking some of the reporting for compliance burden away from you.

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