The Challenge of Contact Centre Staff Working From Home

How to meet the challenge of an increase in contact centre staff working from home – Martin Cross, CTO  at Conn3ct explains

With most employees working from home, it has created some business-critical challenges for our customers to cope with that didn’t exist not too long ago. With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to share a collection of stories of these challenges and what solution we implemented in case you are facing a similarly urgent need.

What we have found is Amazon Connect facilitates home-working for contact centre agents in this scenario very well as:

– It’s really quick to deploy.
– Speech automation can take a significant load off your agents.
– It’s charged on a pure usage basis, so it costs nothing when not in use.
– There are no licenses to purchase or no contracts to commit to.

  • Large UK Supermarket Chain

Challenge: quickly standing up a cloud contact centre

Like all major supermarkets, our client is playing an immense role in keeping the nation fed. They had an initiative whereby they needed to stand up a cloud contact centre very quickly. We used Amazon Connect to deploy a contact centre in under a week. The scheme has been a tremendous success already with the number of calls running into the thousands.

David Potts, CEO of Morrisons, speaking recently on BBC Breakfast about the importance of quickly standing up contact centres in their challenge to feed the nation during unprecedented demand.

  • Large UK Water Company

Challenge: (1) add network and connectivity capability and (2) a solution to manage increased customer calls and self-service

As a critical business, this water company needed to scale up its network and connectivity capability to deal with the increase in staff working from home. They needed to do it quickly and without losing the integration to their Genesys Omnichannel contact centre solution. We utilised our proprietary CRiSP routing platform to create a bespoke solution that delivered.

The water company were also experiencing a significant increase in call volume and self-service interactions by their customers. We used Amazon Connect to scale up their operations to deal effectively with this sudden spike.

  • Global Food Provider

Challenge: stand up a contact centre in one week

A global food provider needed to set up a contact centre to service calls, enquiries and fulfil large orders from their largest retail chain customers. To meet contractual obligations, this needed to be done in a matter of days, with a fully-featured contact centre platform, analytics, compliance and resilience.

Conn3ct stood up a Genesys cloud contact centre solution for them in less than one week that fully integrated to their SBC and Microsoft Teams instance whilst offering a fully secure link to their LAN

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