SYNETY launch enhanced technology updates on CloudCall® for Salesforce

synety_logoInitially launched in 2013, the integration of SYNETY’s CloudCall with the world-leading CRM platform, Salesforce, has been a great success, providing Salesforce users with efficient telephony functions driven directly from their CRM software. The recent additional enhancements have been introduced to build upon the initial integration and provide Salesforce users with a cutting edge communications platform that allows them to interact with their customers more effectively.

These enhancements include the following features:

  • Inbound Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solution and Outbound Progressive Dialler
  • Built in dial pad
  • Inbound screen-popping
  • Conference call facility
  • Integration with Salesforce1 App

One of the key enhanced features of CloudCall for Salesforce is the launch of an Inbound Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solution and an Outbound Progressive Dialler. Otherwise known as a ‘preview’ or ‘power dialler’ this piece of technology automates the dialling process and note-taking actions of agents, enabling huge increases in call volumes. Users can be presented with their next call automatically and inbound calls can be prioritised and delivered to the right department; ultimately improving efficiency and streamlining the customer experience.

Available to all Salesforce users, a number of new features have also been introduced to give users greater control over their CRM activities. A built-in dial pad has been developed which allows users to dial customer numbers and gives them the ability to control their calls including muting, holding, transferring and ending a call by using the simple dial pad keys. Conference calling functionality has been added and a new inbound screen-popping feature informs users of incoming calls. These operational enhancements have all been designed to improve the CloudCall for Salesforce user efficiency and increase the intuitive user-friendly nature of the system.

Alongside these new feature releases SYNETY also announced, earlier this year, that they had integrated CloudCall into Salesforce’s mobile and tablet App, Salesforce1. This provided Salesforce users with a powerful portable communications tool which enabled calls to be made, conversations recorded and calls replayed directly from any smartphone or tablet device.

Mark Seemann, CEO of SYNETY commented: “We are pleased to announce the launch of these new features within Salesforce CRM. Since the initial launch of CloudCall for Salesforce we have been committed to developing additional features and integrating our advanced telephony services into the platform. We are confident that these enhancements will be highly beneficial to Salesforce users and will help them simplify a number of processes that they will already be doing on a daily basis. It’s all about being able to integrate all your communications into one place and use your Salesforce CRM as a highly powerful business tool.”

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