Storacall Call Recording Systems

Storacall Voice Systems Ltd have announced a strategic and technical partnership with Rostrvm Solutions Ltd the supplier of the well respected platform independent predictive dialer and call centre software.

Storacall.logo.newStoracall‘s range of call recording systems have been fully integrated with Rostrvm’s call centre software to provide a combined seamless contact management and call recording solution. This development will enable users to maximise efficiency and improve customer service from one totally integrated platform.

This integration enables Storacall recorders to support the full range of rostrvm inbound and outbound events including predictive, preview and manual dialing, Inbound ACD calls, transferred calls, conference calls and rostrvm “Clipboard” events.

With the integrated solution, managers can search for calls based on a wide range of criteria including caller, called number, agent, device, direction, date & time as well as rostrvm call reference or clipboard data. This enables a specific call to be identified quickly and played back immediately. It is also possible to replay calls based on campaign information provided by Rostrvm Solutions’ call centre management software.

Additionally, the integration ensures compliance with both FSA and PCI data security standards. The scripting function of the rostrvm CallGuide software signals to the Storacall Recorder that the payment portion of the call is coming up enabling the recorder to pause the audio so that the customer’s card details are not recorded. While the recording remains intact, customer’s card details are not stored, thus providing compliance.

“This development means that existing users of Storacall recording systems can move to Rostrvm’s inbound and outbound call handling solutions without the recorder becoming redundant and rostrvm users can add a Storacall recorder knowing that it will be fully compatible with their existing infrastructure. In addition current users of both Storacall and rostrvm software will be able to upgrade to a fully integrated version” said Alex Leighton, Marketing Manager at Storacall

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