Long Term Care Partners Chooses NICE Cloud-Based Workforce Management

Long Term Care Partners Chooses NICE Cloud-Based Workforce Management and Substantially Reduces Workforce Expenses during Peak Periods

nice.systems.logo.2015NICE Systems have announced that Long Term Care Partners (LTCP) has achieved substantial cost savings and improved its operational practices with NICE cloud-based Workforce Management (WFM).

LTCP performs a range of administrative services for two major federal benefit contracts regulated by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. With eight contact centres nationwide, LTCP had been incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional costs during open benefit enrollment periods, when their agent pool typically grows seven-fold.

By implementing NICE WFM in the cloud, LTCP not only averted this huge outlay but also reduced its workforce costs by approximately $900,000 during the 2015 seasonal period compared to the previous year. These savings included paying for all implementation costs and resources, including year one licenses.

WFM deployment in the cloud was a priority for LTCP, so that it would have the flexibility to work with its widely varied staffing model and connect with its NICE cloud-based Cross-Channel Interaction Recording solution. With NICE WFM the company is now able to optimise agent schedules at the interval level to ensure service level objectives are met while maximising agent utilisation for offline tasks and research work. Electronic delivery of schedules has made LTCP’s workforce more agile and flexible.

LTCP has seen an increase in adherence rates of six percentage points by using NICE Real-Time Agent Adherence to monitor how closely its call centres are executing the plan.

Detailed, real-time insights provided by NICE WFM has also enabled LTCP to diversify its call centre vendors. Previously, for simplicity’s sake, LTCP relied on a single vendor with multiple sites. Now that the company can confidently manage a complex workforce with in-house insights, it has engaged a second provider.

Lisa Landry, senior WFM analyst, LTC Partners commented,

“We weighed viability, vision, integration, features and functionality, and NICE WFM was the right solution for us. Because NICE helped us improve our operational practices, these savings are not just a one-year benefit. They will continue forward.”

Tom Dziersk, President, NICE Americas:

“We are pleased that LTC Partners is leveraging the advanced capabilities and flexibility of our WFM solution in the cloud to enhance customer service by markedly improving the performance and control of their contact centres, while at the same time significantly cutting costs.”

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