Lemon Contact Centre – Adding Zest to European Tech Firms

Lemon Contact Centre – Exporting services to European Tech Firms adds zest to Lemon’s client roster.

Leading customer services support firm Lemon Contact Centre is celebrating a string of deals with overseas firms as it continues to expand its client base and move closer towards record revenue.

Deals with international digital infrastructure businesses have allowed the Tees Valley-based business to further grow its European client roster, keeping it on track to hit its record £5million revenue target.

European clients include Switzerland-based satellite communications and teleport infrastructure firm Leuk Teleport and Data Centre, which provides governments, companies, institutions and a fleet of super yachts with resilient data services. Leuk Teleport and Data Centres’ highly-secure satellite array and data centre, which is set on a seven-acre site amongst the Swiss mountains and is 100% powered by green energy sources – including a world’s first conversion of a large satellite antenna into a sun tracking solar array – connects clients with access to European and American internet services.

Lemon is providing the firm with around-the-clock, client customer services and first line response and support via email and phone, following significant technical training.

Lemon has carved a niche within the engineering and technical support fields, not only offering first line customer experience and trouble-shooting services, but also assigning jobs to on-call engineers and managing on-site engineer safety with check-in services. Its services allow firms to work around-the-clock without the need to employ in-house support staff. It also works with a range of other sectors, including funeral services, facilities management, solicitors, local authorities, and personal safety apps from countries including, Switzerland, Germany and Australia.

Martin Anderson, Lemon chief executive, said:

“I’m delighted that Lemon is working alongside Leuk Teleport and Data Centre to support their international client base. It is a really interesting firm doing advanced technical work to keep the world moving, connected and secure.

“Our 24-hour support means that we can work with clients no matter what their time zone, and we focus on fitting into their existing business structure to add value and help them grow.

“Lemon goes from strength-to-strength, and we’re on track to hit a record level of revenue this year. We are growing at home and abroad, with exporting services a key part of our growth strategy.”

Andrew Lucas, Chief Operating Officer at Leuk Teleport and Data Centre, said:

“We’re pleased to be working with Lemon to be able to offer our clients a first-class support service when and wherever they need it. Although we’re based in Switzerland, our mission-critical services are delivered globally to clients with demanding requirements who expect the utmost quality of service.

“Our customers include national governments, enterprises, broadcasters, energy companies such as oil and gas, and electrical generation, and the offshore maritime industry, including super yachts. All these vertical markets have the highest level of support expectations so it’s important that we always have experts on-hand to provide support.”




Lemon was established in 2003 out of a passion to provide world class customer service. It takes great pride in delivering excellent service and each and every customer gets the VIP treatment. It’s not your average call centre; the team is dynamic, and eager to provide an outstanding service with integrity at its core. It delivers bespoke customer service solutions, whatever a company’s requirements.Lemon is innovative and uses technology to assist but doesn’t hide behind it. There’s no robotic call scripting, just real people having real conversations. They don’t manage clients at arm’s length and make them deal only with an account manager. With Lemon, the client gets direct access to the senior management team.

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