How Contact Centres are Using Insights to Elevate CX & EX

Customer surveys and social media remain the most important gauge of customer perception according to the latest research from the CCMA (Call Centre Management Association), the leading industry body representing the largest community of UK contact centre professionals.

Released today and supported by evaluagent who are the quality assurance and agent improvement specialists, this important research study into ‘Using contact centre insights to elevate customer and colleague experience’ reveals the most effective use of analytics to optimise operations and enhance customer and colleague journeys.

Leigh Hopwood, CEO at the CCMA, said,

“Contact centre leaders are privileged to be custodians of massive repositories of data,”

“The ability to mine this treasure trove to understand customer and colleague behaviours, needs, wants and pain points is acknowledged as one of, if not the leading source of competitive advantage for organisations today. Realising the full value of contact centre data and insights requires the right skills, infrastructure and culture. This report shares the experiences of others at various stages on their journey. Whether you’re on the leading edge or just starting out, there will be something in here to inspire you.”

Key findings assert the importance of social media as a critical barometer for customer perception and reputation management. The research also explores how insights garnered from both survey and non-survey data can inform a multitude of operational decisions, from addressing root causes of customer issues to inspiring product innovation and brand strengthening. The CCMA research offers ideas and actionable guidance from industry leaders that will not only benefit customers and colleagues but will elevate the contact centre within organisations.

Stephen Yap, Research Director, CCMA says:

“Historically, organisations lacked the awareness or the ability to make full use of the vast quantities of data they generated. That has changed in recent years, thanks to powerful and easy-to-use modern analytical tools. As capabilities have strengthened, so has recognition of the role that the contact centre plays in the data and insights ecosystem.”

Despite challenges—such as navigating legacy data systems or translating vast amounts of data into actionable insight—the report offers strategic insights that can shape your own way of thinking about data. It suggests prioritising control, investing in appropriate resources, and communicating findings with impact to fully leverage data and insights in the contact centre environment.

James Marscheider, Chief Commercial Officer at evaluagent hopes this research will give comfort and confidence:

“The ideas offered in this research hopefully serve as inspiration and benchmarks for the art of the possible.

The expertise featured is amazing and I think will really allow you to ask yourselves some key questions around knowledge gaps you might have, or where you think you might not be fully tapping into as a source for actionable insight.”




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The CCMA (Call Centre Management Association) is the leading industry body representing the largest community of UK contact centre professionals. Our mission is to support contact centre leaders to enable them to deliver business success and to be a valued place for industry professionals to network and learn.

Large or small, being part of the largest community of contact centre professionals means your contact centre team can benefit from opportunities to meet their peers, senior leaders and industry professionals, share best practice and improve skills and knowledge through learning and specialist training opportunities.

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