eg solutions Delivers Back Office Optimisation Project for Capita Life

eg solutions delivers innovative back office optimisation project for Capita Life and Pensions the customer journey and planning resources in the back office to cut processing time by 29%, reducing chaser and repeat calls and achieving a 50% efficiency saving.

eg solutions was selected to support Capita Life and Pensions Service in managing a client’s back office initiative, focusing on mapping the changes to back office work flow for managing every stage of its client’s end-user customer journey.

When Capita Life and Pensions secured a contract to manage a client’s back office (of 300 people) and contact centre, it gained experienced front-line teams but identified a need to change the workflows for the back office. Ownership of the often-complex customer journeys was assigned to team managers or agents, who had many years of experience doing the job and were passionate in responding to the new challenge of making improvements.

An understanding was established of where work flowed between different back office business areas and instances where further information was required from the customer.

To make the necessary improvements, Capita employed eg’s back office workforce optimisation software, eg work manager®, which provides complete visibility of processes and performance, ensuring that priorities are fully understood.

Capita was able to reduce the costs of delivering the service and so generate increased profitability for the client. A critical step was the development of Capita’s own management information hub, which accesses data from the client’s back office optimisation software on a different business site. These data views helped provide transparency to see how to reduce failure demand and remove waste from the way processes were organised previously.

An added benefit to this approach is that team managers are freed from resource planning to spend almost 10% more time with their teams.

The growing maturity of the back office operational management information and planning is now a critical element of operational decision-making. Disciplines from the front office have been successfully adapted into the back office such as weekly forecast reports for each business area.

At the beginning of the project, Capita was measured against 15 service level agreements (SLAs), capturing 40% of the workload. This has since increased to 45 SLAs, capturing 100% of the workload.

The new techniques implemented within this business area included process rationalisation measuring the end-to-end customer journey, implementation of an SLA suite measuring all customer-facing processes, and centralised resource planning (including client work order demand). These were all new innovations to the business.

Other benefits included:

• Rationalisation of back office processes from 1,000 to just 300 in the back office optimisation software eg work manager®.

• All customer-facing processes are measured within a defined SLA suite. A Management Information tool (SLA hub) has been built to ensure SLAs are reportable.

• Back Office Resource Planning models implemented 0-18 months ahead to support Centralised Resource Planning, ensuring resource is flexed across departments (including front and back office) to maximise efficiencies.

• Actively ‘manage the tail’ – customers who haven’t replied are pro-actively contacted for information.

• Mapping the customer journey and planning resources in the back office to cut processing time by 29%, reducing chaser and repeat calls and achieving a 50% efficiency saving. Information

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