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In May and June of 2014, ‘Which Magazine’ surveyed 3,621 members of the UK public about the big brands that they had interacted with over the past 12 months. Of the top 10 customer service gripes; poor automated phone systems, annoying on-hold music and having to wait for a response came up 1st, 3rd and 10th the UK’s leading supplier of contact centre audio solutions since 1996, the Premier Business Audio team work tirelessly to ensure that their customers don’t suffer with these problems. The contact centre development team create valuable and useful IVR solutions that route calls through to the correct department as quickly as possible. As part of the consultation process, Premier’s award-winning script writers focus on brevity and precision to ensure that callers are not subjected to unnecessary legal jargon or over complicated messaging.

While the customer call experience is paramount to all Premier customers, it’s also important to represent the brand and the values of the business within their audio solutions. Premier’s contact centre consultancy team engage closely with businesses to accurately research and uncover a brands voice. Working with hundreds of world class voice artists, Premier present choices and options that match the values and expectations generated by the customer.

which.logo.2014According to ‘Which Magazine’ NPower received 450,000 complaints in the first quarter of 2014 alone, after serious issues with its billing systems. Answering FAQs in-queue and on-hold is a proven method of reducing call volumes. Premier’s emergency recording turnarounds and voice artist guarantee translate to efficient call handling and quick resolutions. This can be especially valuable where a known problem can be communicated to callers without the need for agent interaction. The attributed cost and time saving elements attached to this service are insurmountable.

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