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Company Profile: Encoded -

Company Profile: Encoded

Encoded is a leading UK Payment Service Provider and pioneer of new and innovative secure payment solutions for contact centres. 

The company was founded 20 years ago to offer affordable, pay-as-you-go IVR and payment solutions to small and large businesses.

Many contact centres now rely on Encoded secure automated payments for their PCI DSS compliance requirements.

Today Encoded solutions are trusted by many of the world’s leading brands including Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, LUSH and Virgin.

All the company’s services are designed to fulfil three key objectives:

» Reduce costs by automating card payments

» Increase security around payments and reduce PCI DSS compliance scope

» Improve customer service by maximising resource efficiency.

Solutions include:

» Agent Assisted Card Payments

» IVR Payments

» PayByLink Mobile Payments

» E-Commerce Payments

» Mobile Apps

» Encoded Gateway Services

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Company Profile: Encoded

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Spectrum House, Beehive Ring Road, London Gatwick Airport, West Sussex, RH6 0LG.

Telephone: 01293 229 700

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