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Blog: the many ‘wow’ factors of the contact centre industry

EditorIn todays competitive marketplace every company strives to have the best product, the best service or unique selling point which sets them apart from their competitors.
The highly competitive headset market this is no different.

I could take this opportunity of going into detail how the once overlooked, used and abused headset has now become ‘cutting edge’ or has now become an essential part of the ‘must have’ list of technology essentials used in the modern contact centre.

I could also take this opportunity of promoting the fact that Jabra have launched their new Evolve range of headsets or the fact that  Jabra are gunning for a 50% market share by 2016 but I have chosen not to. Please allow me to elaborate

This week I had the privilege of speaking at Jabra’s Partner Forum at which I highlighted the ‘buzz factor’ in todays contact centres; the fact that near on a million agents are now employed in the UK contact centre industry which represents a massive 4% of the UK’s total workforce.

During my humble presentation I was conscious of the fact that many people in the invited audience was still tearful after seeing Jabra’s video in which 29 year old Sarah Churman heard sound for the first time.

The video puts into perspective how a company’s product can dramatically change the life of one person better than 500 words of editorial copy or a 20 minute presentation could ever.

I am sure that you can not watch this video without getting emotional.

Have a good week ahead.


The Editor
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