Benefits of Conversational IVR Programming in the Contact Centre

A recent survey a staggering 35% increase in inbound call volumes across the nation’s contact centres over the past year. In this climate of surging customer inquiries, conversational IVR programming emerges as an invaluable tool to help manage the influx. Combining interactive voice response with intelligent virtual agents can make a measurable difference in lightening the load on customer service representatives.

Thanks to AI and machine learning, IVRs can now gather information more accurately, predict needs, and save time.

What is Conversational IVR?

Conversational IVR transforms traditional IVR systems. Instead of rigid menus, it engages in natural conversations leveraging technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and quality monitoring.

Imagine calling a utility company and an IVR greets you: “How can I assist you today?” Instead of selecting options, you respond: “I need help with my electricity bill.” The conversational IVR understands and guides you accordingly.

It enhances satisfaction through personalised, efficient interactions without complex menus. It accelerates resolution by swiftly routing customers and empowers agents to focus on strategic conversations.

Conversational IVR bridges technology and human communication, introducing engagement and convenience previously lacking in IVRs.

It’s a voice self-service solution using NLP to resolve queries naturally, not forcing customers to talk to a machine. A customer could say “my bill seems incorrect” rather than just “billing.”

Standard IVR vs Conversational IVR Many phone systems offer voice responses, but conversational IVR goes further by understanding context and intent behind words, not just single inputs like “billing.”

Conversational IVR allows full sentences and native languages. Detailed explanations lead to nuanced interactions compared to standard IVR’s set options.

Initial Setup and Maintenance

No-code graphical IVR software simplifies setup, limiting engineering knowledge needed. Businesses can create virtual agents quickly using drag-and-drop workflows.

IVR software was previously project-based, requiring rework for any changes. No-code conversational IVR is product-focused, reducing maintenance costs as use cases evolve. Updates are easier in visual tools versus coding.

High ROI, Low TCO

Deploying virtual agents:

– Easy setup with minimal maintenance
– Low cost/reliance on outside help
– Time savings of 10-20 seconds per escalated call
– More effective use of human agents

Industry reports estimate £1 billion is spent annually on UK customer service. Those time savings equate to millions kept in your business.

Conversational IVR is key for an effective service strategy, and no-code solutions make it highly achievable.

Customer Interaction Benefits

– Personalisation through natural expression of needs
– Effortless navigation without complex menus
– Faster resolution via NLP routing
– Consistent 24/7 service following protocols
– Empowered self-service like balance checks
– Seamless escalation to human agents with context

Conversational IVR prioritises personalisation, ease, and efficiency, resonating with customers and strengthening relationships.

Enhancing IVRs with NLP

Natural language processing allows IVRs to comprehend and respond like humans, bringing major benefits:

– Human-like conversations in the customer’s words
– Personalised experience through context understanding
– Reduced customer effort as the technology adapts
– Precise intent resolution minimising errors
– Intelligent call routing to the right resource
– Data insights for process refinement
– Consistent service availability around the clock

Embracing NLP IVR is strategic, elevating interactions to unprecedented satisfaction levels.

Cirrus can help contact centres lighten their agents’ load through the power of conversational IVR. Our solutions empower businesses to deploy intelligent virtual agents and streamline customer interactions, boosting efficiency while delivering exceptional experiences.



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