Sunrise Software announces latest version of Sunrise Wallboard Software announces latest version of Sunrise Wallboard providing faster, user friendly screens for critical Service Desk data

New version of web-based portal includes improved visual displays and trends analysis of key performance data

Sunrise Software have released the latest version of Sunrise Wallboard, its web-based portal that displays metrics for Service Desk performance. Updates to Sunrise Wallboard include improvements to the display of critical operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and a simplified, easier to use interface. It has been updated to include new FusionCharts libraries enabling animated and interactive data displays, new chart types for enhanced data visualisation, and has improved compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to meet customer demand. The upgrade, which also includes many background enhancements that improve performance, will be available from July 2014 and upgrading will be free to existing Sunrise customers currently using the Wallboard feature.

The new version includes an enhanced aggregation engine to enable multiple data sets to be compared over time to enable trends analysis – for example tracking the volume of Incidents logged by month according to severity and displaying this on a chart. Usability has been improved with new chart attributes, which enable greater choice for chart displays and make it easier to style the data charts and format to meet corporate brand guidelines.

Neil Penny, Product Director at Sunrise Software said; “Visual Service Desk metrics are critical to an organisation when providing real-time data on which to base informed decisions. We have enhanced Wallboard, which is available across all our Service Management products, making it easier for our customers to use it to its full capacity, supporting decision making and efficiency. This latest version has been designed with the user in mind, with increased capabilities for data analysis and providing more choice for how data is displayed. It puts more control into the hands of the Service Desk, enabling them to fully interrogate, analyse and display critical performance data.”

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