Storacall Upgrades Saved Search Option for Call Recording

storacall.proactive.image.2015Storacall has just upgraded the ‘Saved Search’ option on it’s range of ST call recording systems.

This feature is ideal when there is a requirement to repeat particular search criteria on a regular basis. The search could be for a set of contact centre agents, extensions, telephone numbers or particular days or times.

For example, if after searching for all the calls belonging to a customer’s mobile, land line and works numbers there is a benefit to keeping this search criteria for future use then it can be simply saved.  After making the search as normal displaying the list of calls the user can just save the search criteria with a useful name and then it is available to use at any time in the future.  Likewise if the need is for calls for an agent from say last week or last month, the search can be created and then saved with a name like “John B’s calls last week”.  Then each time it is required the search can be recalled, the “search week” changed, the search run and then saved again.

The saved search is unique to each users own login and can be recalled at any time, the parameters if required altered, i.e. date and run again.  If it is required for more than one person to use the search a multi user login can be created and used.

The displayed list of calls can be exported as Excel data direct from the screen and if required the audio belonging to the calls can be exported as Wav files either one by one from the screen or in bulk using the simple Storacall API.

storacall.logo_.20141Additional Information

For additional information on Storacall ST Saved Search or the range of Storacall ST call recording solutions visit the Storacall Website,view their Company Profile, or Email

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