Sensée Launches Surge Emergency Response Service

Sensée launches Surge emergency response service – Work-from-home CX specialist Sensée has launched an emergency response service for organisations needing extra trained personnel at short notice to manage spikes in customer contact.

The Sensée Surge service, delivered as an outsourced Customer Experience (CX) service, is aimed at organisations that encounter:

» Unexpected weather events that overload their contact centre

» System outages that create waves of unexpected customer contact

» Known spikes that occur due to seasonality (but can’t be managed at ‘normal’ staffing levels)

Or any other planned or unplanned sudden increase in customer demand.

The Service can be accessed on either a Retainer basis (i.e. Sensée will put in infrastructure and test, clients simply press the red button when they need people to act) or as a one-off service (i.e. clients can call Sensée for support and have a first group “active in 24 hours).

All Surge service colleagues operate on a work-from-home (WFH) basis. They are remotely trained by Sensée, qualified to FCA standards (if required) and able to take payments in a PCI-DSS compliant manner (again, if required).

Paul Whymark, Chief Operating Officer at Sensée, commented,

“When it comes to providing WFH Emergency Response Teams at short notice we have a pedigree second to none having delivered award-winning contact handling solutions to major healthcare, energy, insurance, retail and travel companies for well over a decade”

“When systems and infrastructure shuts down we stay open.”




For additional information on Sensee’s Cloudworks Click Here

Sensée has been creating, managing and optimising work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid working contact centres in the UK since 2004. Through a mix of our unique 100% @home talent-on-tap outsourcing proposition and Cloudworks, our purpose-built hybrid working SaaS ecosystem, we help leading brands deliver brilliant customer outcomes.

Sensée’s UK-wide recruitment reach means we can get the best talent for businesses whilst creating accessible careers for people anywhere, and sustainability for our planet and communities. Whether it’s remote recruitment, on-boarding, deployment, securing, engaging, training or management, Sensée has a solution to suit.

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