PCI PAL Assist AllSaints In Becoming PCI Compliant

Who are AllSaints?

AllSaints is a global fashion brand based in East London, which operates in twenty-seven countries, with over two hundred stores globally.

AllSaints’ Compliance Challenge

The AllSaints customer experience team were facing a number of problems in creating a seamless customer journey. Time-consuming for both agent and customer, AllSaints needed to join up their various systems and provide a payment solution that would be smooth and painless for both parties.

AllSaints’ customers are typically quite tech savvy, with an “on the go” lifestyle, so they needed a convenient secure payment solution that would make customers feel comfortable and confident when placing phone orders.

How PCI Pal Solved AllSaints’ PCI Problem

AllSaints are a 24/7 digital business operating on a number of different platforms in a multi-lingual environment, so we needed to create a flexible, robust and reliable solution that would tick all the boxes in terms of legislation, accessibility and best practice.

There was also an education requirement, so our expert consultants took the time to advise AllSaints’ contact centre agents on how to make and process PCI compliant payments, and how to protect customer details across the various customer experience touchpoints.

We worked in close partnership with the customer experience team to iron out any potential issues and were able to deliver the project on time and within budget.

The Result

Since implementing a PCI Pal solution, AllSaints have seen a two-thirds reduction in how long it takes to process a phone sale, which means they can handle more calls and take better care of their customers. The new secure payment solution was certainly put to the test over their peak Black Friday and Christmas periods!

Customers can now shop with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their cardholder data and personal details are secure. An improved telephone order system also means customers can call the AllSaints team at any time if they’re having difficulty placing an online order, or if they’d simply like agent support with a transaction.

“The PCI Pal team are very proactive and easy to get hold of. They’ve always gone out of their way to adapt their solutions as our business needs have evolved. We would certainly recommend PCI Pal, not only are they digital, safe and secure, but they’re also very forward-thinking, so great for any retail e-commerce business.”

Heather Gibson, Brand Experience Director, AllSaints

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