PCI DSS Compliant Card Payments in Contact Centres

PCI DSS Compliant Card Payments in Contact Centres
Improving customer trust and de-scoping from the regulations

This free one hour educational webinar will tell you everything you need to know about securing customers’ payments by phone in your contact centre. You’ll also discover how our CardEasy secure keypad payment by phone system enables you to de-scope your contact centre from PCI DSS by keeping the sensitive card data away from your contact centre environment.

In just one hour you will learn:

• What PCI DSS means for today’s contact centre – research and insights from our latest research uncovering what consumers really think about payment security in contact centres

• What fraud protection customers want for their card payments – our research reveals which fraud protection methods your customers are most likely to find acceptable

• How companies are handling payment card security today (generally badly!) – we will run through the main approaches to payment card security that companies generally use and look at the pros and cons of each one. In particular we’ll consider why some apparently secure-looking approaches still leave you open to significant security risks.

• Why ‘pause and resume’ and ‘clean rooming’ are ineffective- both these methods are often presented as being the answer to the problem of payment card security but that’s simply not the case. We’ll show you why you’re still exposed to significant security risks if you’re using these approaches.

• The way forward – simple ways to de-scope the entire contact centre, card payments and call recordings to ensure that your customers’ payment card details are absolutely secure whilst reducing significantly the cost and time burden associated with PCI compliance.

• Keypad payment by phone – we’ll briefly demo how our CardEasy system enables your customers to make payments using their phone keypads, transmitting their PAN and CV2 data using DTMF touchtones.

• How other companies are already benefiting – examples and case studies of companies that are already using CardEasy and reaping the benefits of de-scoping their contact centres entirely.

• Next steps – how to take the next steps towards secure PCI DSS compliant payments in your own contact centre.
Consumers – and even contact centre managers – are increasingly reluctant to pay by phone if they have to give out their card details, according to Syntec’s latest research. That’s why it’s vitally important to ensure that your payments are as secure as they can possibly be.

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