How To be Successful at Cold Calling in the Contact Centre

Follow these 8 top tips to achieve cold calling success

Whatever industry you work in, being asked to make a cold call will result in one of two situations:

You’re either a natural whose silver tongue means you never get flustered when speaking or selling to a stranger.


You have a minor breakdown and become consumed with worry and self-doubt at having to speak to an actual, you know, stranger!!

For those who fall into the latter category – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Expert Market asked more than 2,000 consumers about their experiences with cold calls and telemarketers.

The results were a little worrying but also pretty hilarious, with people more than happy to share their stories of awkward phone calls and verbal warfare with those who call up out of the blue.

We’ve taken both the maddest and the funniest stories, and used them to create the Expert Market to making a successful cold call, which you can find below.


Just follow these eight pieces of advice and you’ll soon be the most cold-callingist cold caller around!


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