Five9 Agent Assist: Empower Your Agents with AI

Five9 Agent Assist: Empower Your Contact Centre Agents with AI – New Free Download eBook from Five9

Empower your agents and elevate your CX. Dive into this guide and discover how Five9 Agent Assist uses AI and NLP to provide your agents with real-time intelligence and automation, tackling challenges and boosting efficiency. Explore powerful capabilities, use cases, and real-world examples to build a happier future for agents and customers.

Five9 Agent Assist can help you:

√ Meet agents where they are and address their challenges.

√ Close the gap with AI via real-time guidance, task checklists, and after-call summaries.

√ Examine use cases such as objection handling and increase upsell.

√ Improve ROI and reduce AHT and ACW.



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The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to engage with customers across their channel of choice, empower managers with insights and intelligence into contact center performance, and elevate your business to deliver better business outcomes and Bring Joy to CX™. Our cloud-native, scalable, and secure platform includes contact center; omnichannel engagement; Workforce Engagement Management; extensibility through more than 1,400 partners; and innovative, practical AI, automation, and journey analytics that are embedded as part of the platform. Five9 brings the power of people, technology, and partners to more than 2,500 organizations worldwide.

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