Cognia provides Saxon Weald with a new PCI cloud payment processing solution

cognia.logo.2015Cognia, the leading global provider of secure cloud PCI payment processing solutions, has provided UK based housing association, Saxon Weald, with a new cloud PCI compliant interactive voice response payment processing solution to help provide greater protection for customers.

The solution removes the need for the call centre agent to ask for full payment card and CCV number in a call recorded environment and instead allows customers to privately and securely enter their card details using their telephone keypad.

Types of fraud where the card holder is not present, such as when purchases are made over the phone, online or by mail order, have seen a 23% year-on-year rise. According to recent findings by Financial Fraud Action UK, which prevents crime on behalf of the financial services industry, £142m worth of losses were recorded.

Cognia’s new breed of PCI cloud payment processing solutions are transforming contact centres by providing faster payments 24/7 and in a more secure environment, protecting card holder data and preventing it from ever having to enter into the contact centre environment.

alex.gunter.image.2015Alex Gunter, Head of IT for Saxon Weald, commented;

“Thanks to Cognia we are now able to offer a faster and more secure payment process all year round.

The solution has also helped with our PCI DSS compliance by removing the majority of requirements from scope, which saves us time and money in the short and longer term”.

curtis.nash.cognia.image.2015Curtis Nash, CEO of Cognia, commented,

“With fraud increasing and growing concerns about cyber security attacks on contact centres, clients are looking for cost effective and secure solutions. “

“We can support any contact centre, of any size, anywhere in the world and remove the burden of achieving and maintaining PCI compliance for all time.”

Cognia has the world’s first QSA-validated, PCI DSS Level 1 payment processing service on a secure global cloud platform offering unparalleled security and cost effectiveness. Cognia is also a registered Visa Europe merchant.



cognia.logo.2015Cognia is a leading global provider of cloud-based PCI compliant payment processing solutions. Cognia’s live agent and self-service solutions enable organisations of all sizes to de-scope their contact centre operations quickly and easily. This reduces PCI DSS requirements by 90%, without the time and cost of alternatives.

Cognia has the world’s first QSA-validated, PCI DSS Level 1 payment processing service on a secure global cloud platform offering unparalleled simplicity, scalability, security and cost effectiveness. As a company with information security at its core we have the technology, experience and expertise to quickly deliver your PCI compliance requirements.

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