Chill Insurance awards AirSpeed Telecom contact centre contract

chill.logoOnline insurance broker Chill has awarded AirSpeed Telecom a €500,000 three-year contract to establish a next-generation contact centre at their Blackrock, County Dublin site.

AirSpeed worked directly with Chill Insurance’s other technology vendors, including its systems integration and contact centre software providers, delivering a new, 150-channel SIP voice service that underpins the contact centre and supports its significant outbound call volume.

Chill had been relying on a legacy copper network and ISDN voice system but a new licensed, wireless IP network is intended to give the insurance player better business continuity and the ability to scale up and down if needed.

Each of Chill’s two Dublin offices have been kitted out with dual 100Mbps links to the internet and a 1GBps link connects the offices to each other, supporting real-time failover in the event of an outage.

The new next-generation, multi-channel contact centre enables consumers to contact the company through a variety of channels, including social media, email and through the Chill Insurance website.

Chill receives more queries by Facebook than by email

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