2020 Contact Centre Benchmarking: How do you compare?

2020 Contact Centre Benchmarking: How do you compare to your competitors?

The largest HR & operational benchmarking study of UK customer contact operations is now available. “The 2020 UK Contact Centre HR & Operational Benchmarking Report” provides up-to-the-minute key research, based on surveys of 226 UK customer contact operations, giving detailed information on:

– Salaries and bonuses for new agents, experienced agents, team leaders/supervisors and contact centre managers
– Contact Centre Agent attrition rates
– Contact Centre Agent absence rates
– Contact Centre Recruitment costs and key agent attributes
– Expected growth rates in 2020

Key operational metrics include:
– Average speed to answer
– Call abandonment
– Call duration
– Contact Centre Agent occupancy / activity rates
– First-contact resolution rate
– Call transfer rates
– Cost per call/email/web chat/social interaction.

Additional Information

The Data are segmented by vertical market, size, activity and contact centre type, with historical data and future trends.

The report costs £350 + VAT. You can download more detail on the report, as well as how to purchase it by Clicking Here

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