Vivocha and Transversal announce strategic partnership

transversaal.logo.2014Vivocha and Transversal announce strategic partnership: together to deliver an enhanced customer experience

Vivocha, the award-winning start-up offering a cloud-based service to engage customers online, has today announced its partnership with knowledge solutions vendor Transversal, that will help deliver a better customer experience and increase process efficiency.

By offering an online self-service facility, businesses enable customers to find answers themselves, without contacting an agent. Such a system can be applied right across the enterprise, ensuring agents, customers and employees alike can find the right answers at the first attempt and every time they need them.

However, in the event that an enquiry is not resolved, it needs to be escalated. The new solution from Vivocha and Transversal addresses this challenge by enabling agents to manage and answer enquiries from multiple entry points through a single, centralized knowledgebase and can provide additional agent-specific information to assist with the resolution of more complex enquiries.

“We are truly delighted and proud to be partnering with Transversal, a leading provider in the new generation of knowledge solutions. This partnership will deliver a comprehensive and seamless integration between the two solutions, addressing client needs surrounding live support and real time collaboration, as well as complementing Transversal capabilities in the Web Self Care space” states Gianluca Ferranti, CEO and Co-founder of “It’s a great opportunity for an innovative startup like ours and we look forward to strengthening this brand new relationship”.

Heather Richards, CEO of Transversal added: “We are delighted to be working with Vivocha, whose web chat product offers a full spectrum of chat functionality and a comprehensive API that is easily integrated with third-party solutions. By embedding Transversal’s knowledge capabilities into the Vivocha chat solution, clients will see a huge benefit in response times and accuracy of information within agent chats.”

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