The Tangible and Intangible Benefits of Cloud Solutions

The tangible and intangible benefits of cloud solutions according to David Paulding, Regional Sales Director UK, Middle East & Africa at Interactive Intelligence

A recent survey conducted by the Cloud Industry Forum contained some interesting findings. I found the infographic below particularly useful.

inin.benefits of cloud image.feb.2016For many organisations the basic reasons to consider some form of cloud adoption are well known and certainly better understood than at any previous point in the last 5 years. Having more flexible access to technology, reducing upfront capex spending and the certainty of predictable costs has led many organisations to move some, or all of their IT applications to the cloud.

What I find more interesting are the intangible benefits detailed in the findings. As somebody that focuses on the customer experience as part of my daily life, benefits such as improved customer service, improved collaboration between departments and crucially, improved customer engagement are many of the things that customers I speak with are seeking right now.

With todays customers becoming increasingly demanding and able to change supplier with the click of a mouse, organisations that can differentiate through enhanced customer experience are more likely to succeed.

Interactive Intelligence’s PureCloud platform is designed to give organisations rapid access to the tools needed to improve customer engagement and without any of the upfront costs and risks normally found with traditional on-premise solutions.

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inin.david.paulding.image.aug.2015David Paulding is Regional Sales Director UK, Middle East & Africa at Interactive Intelligence

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