Salix Homes Deploys Smartvoice Viewpoint

Salix Homes, the award-winning social housing provider, is deploying SmartVoice ViewPoint, a cost-effective customer feedback solution from Sinclair Voicenet. new system will enable Salix Homes to gain a greater understanding of satisfaction levels and enhance service delivery to residents living in more than 8,500 properties across central Salford. The system is being deployed without requiring any capital outlay on a per survey basis.

According to Pam Roberts, Customer Relationship Manager at Salix Homes:

“SmartVoice ViewPoint will enable our customer insight team to automate the whole survey process and deliver significant cost savings by allowing us to redeploy staff to other productive activities. The system will provide us with an efficient and effective way to manage the full customer journey from initial point of contact to resolution, giving residents a greater opportunity to provide feedback regarding the service they have received.”

SmartVoice ViewPoint will enable Salix Homes to conduct IVR (Interactive Voice Response) surveys immediately after calls while they are still fresh in the minds of residents. It will help to increase first call fix rates and drive down the number of unnecessary and costly repeat service visits. Automatic alerts to managers will be generated by SMS or email if results fall outside acceptable limits, enabling instant action to be taken.

Replacing the manual, paper-based survey methodologies currently used by Salix Homes, SmartVoice ViewPoint will allow up to 3,500 surveys to be automatically carried out each month by telephone, internet or SMS messaging. The system will give residents a greater choice as to how they complete the surveys, increasing response rates and providing Salix Homes with higher quality feedback.

“Sinclair Voicenet is providing us with a customer feedback solution that will enhance our ability to assess how we measure up to published operational performance indicators such as the percentage of calls answered within 30 seconds, appointments kept and emergency repairs completed on time,” continued Pam Roberts. “It demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that we really respond to the needs of residents and continue to provide the most efficient and effective service.”

Salix Homes will have access to a web-based dashboard where live business intelligence can be viewed and a comprehensive range of reporting tools can be used to automatically create and deliver bespoke management reports to designated staff and stakeholders. The survey results can be viewed instantly using desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, enhancing the ability of the organisation to make real-time business decisions and changes.

Additional Information

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