Nicereply & EvaluAgent Partner to Help Customer Service Teams

Nicereply and EvaluAgent form partnership to help contact centres and customer service teams make more their customer feedback and quality assurance programmes

Nicereply, a leading customer satisfaction survey software provider, including CSAT, NPS and CES, has entered into a partnership with Quality Assurance & Improvement platform provider EvaluAgent, bringing these two best of breed solutions together for the benefit of fast growing customer service teams

EvaluAgent and Nicereply share a common mission to help contact centres measure their performance and delight their customers. With the launch of this partnership, users of Nicereply and EvaluAgent will be able to close the loop between the voice of the customer and internal quality scores without the need to change survey supplier or invest in additional technology.

For the very first time, customer service and sales teams will be able to demonstrate the impact of Agent feedback, coaching and training programmes on CSAT/NPS scores and ensures expectations of Agents align to what is viewed as important by customers. In addition, some may use survey results to prioritise which conversations are evaluated by their quality assurance teams to ensure only the best or worse conversations are analysed.

Patrik Strba, Chief Technology Officer at Nicereply commented

“We’re continuously looking to integrate with best of breed, modern solutions that our customers are adopting.

The combination of Nicereply and EvaluAgent is an excellent opportunity to further develop our technology and we’re excited to see the opportunities that lie ahead and EvaluAgent is a partnership we look forward to building on.”

James Marscheider, CCO at EvaluAgent, commented,

“We’re enabling our customers to make more of their customer feedback. This premium integration is the first in an exciting roadmap of integrations and will enable customer support teams to be able to view their customer feedback & survey results alongside their internal quality scores.

“We’re excited to be embarking on this new chapter with our trusted partner Nicereply whose experience and enthusiasm matches our own”.



EvaluAgent is a Quality Assurance & Improvement platform that helps customer service teams leverage actionable insight from customer conversations. We’re UK-based with clients all over the world, working with some highly recognisable brands in a wide range of sectors including retail, technology, utilities, financial services, and customer management outsourcing. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen treble-digit growth in terms of client numbers and revenue, and we have an exciting product roadmap for 2021/2022 which includes AI, automation, text as well as speech analytics. We’re a fully virtual team that has built itself on a culture of pride in everything we do, dedication to serving our customers to the very best of our ability and enjoying the success of every individual and as a team

For additional information on EvaluAgent visit their Website

Nicereply is a customer experience management platform used to measure Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort Score, and Net Promoter Score.

Hundreds of teams at companies like Microsoft, Lenovo, Hubspot, and Buffer use Nicereply to collect customer feedback and improve the quality of their customer support, service, product, and marketing.

Nicereply helps increase the revenues of businesses by measuring and improving Customers Satisfaction. Each month our customers collect over 200,000 survey responses from their customers. They do so via a combination of 1-click surveys inside of email signatures, as well as surveys sent after a conversation is closed.

The benefit to users is they complete the survey with 1 click only. The benefit for our clients is that they can increase the amount of feedback they receive. We’ve seen response rates improvement of more than 300%. You can measure satisfaction with individual agents, teams, or processes. Nicereply integrates with the most popular helpdesk systems. There’s also an over surveying protection built-in, so you don’t have to worry about survey fatigue.

For additional information on Nicereply visit their Website

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