Why Call Centre Outsourcing is Undergoing Radical Change

Global Remote Services (GRS) reports why call centre outsourcing is undergoing radical change

call.centre.image.agent.long.oct.2015According to industry sources, contact centre outsourcing is hitting record levels in Europe, with more contracts than ever before, and by some counts volumes are ahead of those in the United States as a whole.

A focus in Europe on smaller outsourcing deals is being driven by increased use of multi-sourcing and the impact of automation. European buyers are seeking shorter and smaller contracts with niche providers as well as avoiding larger, longer-term contracts as they plan their digital strategies.

This past year, analyst firm, Gartner has deemed customer experience the new battlefield for marketers. The analyst firm has predicted that by 2017, 89% of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator.

grs.paolo.marcattilj.image.oct.2015Paolo Marcattilj, CEO of Global Remote Services (GRS), a leading European provider of multi-lingual contact centres and BPO solutions, comments;

“The call centre outsourcing industry is undergoing radical change. One of the key factors driving this is brands are aware that customer experience is now the most strategic performance indicator in their call centres so they are expanding the scope of their outsourcing contracts with a wave of new digital technologies and operating models”.

“Once long term contracting was the norm now we are seeing shorter multi-sourcing contracts as brands recognise how applying digital and automation technologies is an essential part of the customer experience strategy”.

Indeed according to the 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking report from Dimension Data  digital interactions now account for over 42% of all interactions and are on track to overtake voice by the end of the year.

As Paolo warns; “Digital and automation is evolving rapidly.  It is a reality that the call centre outsourcing industry should not ignore.”

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Paolo Marcattilj is CEO of Global Remote Services (GRS)

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