Blog: Bells and Whistles in the Contact Centre

mois.dancers.image.oct.2015Bells and Whistles in the Contact Centre – At the recently held Customer Contact Expo it was evident to me that there were more ‘Bells and Whistles’ available to the contact centre industry than at a Morris Dancing World Championship.

‘Bells and Whistles’ which could make the average contact centre become outstanding, improve productivity, reduce call handing time and overall improve the ‘Customer Experience’.

But is this technology replacing the skills and experience of the contact centre agent or enhancing the agent by creating additional valuable time to handle the call and making available additional information to hand to handle the customer in a way that the savvy ‘Joe Public’ now demands?

Is it now a question of the agent having their obligatory induction course on how the technology works and how to use it over teaching the fundamentals of call handling?

Every contact centre which I have ever visited works differently, some deemed as having basic technology and some brimming with more technology than a NASA control centre; but all have one common denominator – that their agents are fundamental to the contact centre operation and ultimately to the success, or indeed failure of the contact centre.

So who needs so much bells and whistles?

A few things of note happened this week worthy of mention.

As the season is turning from Summer to Autumn one sure thing is that contact centres are gearing up to the Christmas rush. Sitel have announced a massive recruitment drive whilst Ascensos have announced that will be doubling their contact centre agent positions All good news for our industry.

kura.logo_.oct_.20151RESPONSE, the Scottish based outsourcer, have rebranded KURA after a management buyout earlier this year. After it could be said that we conducted a rebranding exercise to include the redesign of the website I know what a massive job that it is and the work involved – Visit their website it is clear that they have succeeded in their rebranding.

People who know me know that my two passions in my life are, three if you count my Wife and family, contact centres followed closely by watching my beloved West Ham United play home and away.

west-ham.imageI telephoned the West Ham United ticket office contact centre to enquire about the availability of tickets for the away match against Tottenham Hotspur on 22nd November.

The agent, who obviously was a fellow hammer supporter, commented that the demand for these tickets was exceptionally high and concluded that ‘West Ham just hate Spurs’.

Whilst some people may consider this remark as being ‘too familiar’ I took it as someone who clearly knows his customers, product and marketplace and with one remark gained attention and ultimately gained a sale. (and yes West Ham supporters do hate Spurs supporters with a passion!)

Have a good week ahead.


The Editor

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