The Agent – The most important people in the contact centre back when I was a youngster the world was a very different place; never in my wildest dreams could I have ever foreseen that we would have things called computers and something called the internet.

Somehow we tend to forget how technology has advanced and how it has changed our everyday lives.

Take a moment to look around you at the mass of technology surrounding you.

The contact centre industry, like any industry today, is technology driven but sometimes we loose track of the most advanced piece of tech in the contact centre;

Let me introduce to you the Agent

Just take a step back and appreciate what the agent does day in, day out – dealing with customers, their queries or problems in a polite and professional manner, remember what a sterling job they do each day, praise them remember that they’re worth their weight in Gold.

What other person has the ability of making or breaking the reputation of a company in a matter of seconds? Bad service normally equates to a lost of a customer.

Today’s Agent represents a huge investment both in time and training to a contact centres; thankfully the days of recruiting on day one, training on day two, ‘buddying’ in days three and four to go ‘live’ on day five are long gone.

At the CCMA Annual Conference last month Ann-Marie Stagg highlighted the fact that although agents are key to the success of a contact centre how come some companies chose to pay agents the minimum wage? Collectively these companies should hold their heads in shame.

The Agents are the Contact Centre Managers of the future – praise them – encourage them – invest in them but overall remember agents are worth their weight in Gold.

Have a good week ahead.


The Editor

Image reproduced with the kind permission of Jabra (UK)

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