Ventrica Announces Strategic Partnership with Zendesk

Ventrica, the leading Business Process Outsourcing specialist is entering a partnership with Zendesk. 

Ventrica and Zendesk have joined forces to combine Ventrica’s expertise in delivering emotive customer experiences with Zendesk’s innovative AI-powered customer service solutions.

This powerful combination will enable organisations to enhance their customer engagement capabilities, streamline operations, and drive customer satisfaction to new heights.

The partnership between Ventrica and Zendesk will add value to the CX of their respective customers.

Ventrica’s current and future clients will gain even greater access to Zendesk’s industry-leading customer service platform, which offers a wide range of features and integrations to support omnichannel customer engagement.

In turn, Zendesk customers can benefit from Ventrica’s extensive experience in managing multi-channel customer interactions. Ventrica’s brand ambassadors, with their deep understanding of customer needs and expectations, can complement Zendesk’s technology, ensuring that customers receive personalised and efficient support.

Iain Banks, CEO of Ventrica, commented,

“We are absolutely thrilled to join forces with Zendesk who are renowned as a global leader in customer service software.

As a strategic BPO partner in EMEA, I know Ventrica can bring our skills in delivering unrivalled emotive CX to both current and future clients through this wonderful collaboration as both a reseller and implementation partner of Zendesk”

Eric Jorgensen, VP EMEA Enterprise at Zendesk, adds:

“We are proud to partner with Ventrica, one of the UK’s leading customer management outsourcers.

By complementing each other and benefiting from innovative AI features we can further optimise our customer’s processes delivering the best possible CX.”




Ventrica is a leading European award-winning, outsourced customer management business that delivers omnichannel and multilingual customer service for blue-chip brands. Significant investment in people, automation and digital contact centre technologies allows Ventrica to enhance customer experiences designed to keep their clients ahead of the technology curve and their competition.

The company is headquartered in Southend, where it operates from spacious, hi-tech and modern offices, placing significant emphasis on its staff’s comfort and well-being. Ventrica shares the same passion for its customers’ business as it does for its own and continually strives for quality and service delivery consistency.

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