You Need to Streamline your Contact Centre Tech

For any contact centre, balancing exceptional customer service, high levels of customer engagement and efficiency it a continuous challenge. However, ensuring you have the right technology not only helps identify areas for improvement, it also allows you to deliver a seamless experience across all channels.

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So why do you need to streamline your contact centre technology? This month we’re outlining why (if you’re not) you should be, and how you will benefit.

Monitor your calls to gain perspective on interactions

Streamlining your contact centre technology through cloud-based, integrated contact centre platforms gives you the ability to gain a greater understanding of your customer interactions, whilst identifying any pain points of your customers.

In the day and age customer experience, it’s even more important than ever to fully understand and empathise with customers to understand the key drivers for their decisions. Monitoring your interactions helps to mitigate any issues before they begin to escalate, and can help you develop strategies to deliver even better experience and differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Using cloud technology makes monitoring simple, as all your interactions are securely recorded and stored, ready to be reviewed at a moment’s notice if you need to. This customer interaction data is not only an invaluable tool for continuous improvement, but it helps you tick your compliance boxes too.

Real time data to help monitor performance

When streamlining your contact centre technology, it’s crucial that you take into account real time data monitoring.

Here at Ultracomms for example, we utilise UltraLive Wallboards to provide our customers with a complete, in-depth picture of their contact centre performance. From abandonment rates to average waiting times, the Wallboards allow the contact centre team to see how they’re performing throughout the day.

This real time data also means that you can highlight your strengths and identify weakness or potential issues quickly. If you have higher than average waiting times in one team, but another is handling lower volumes, you can simply and quickly switch resources to continue to deliver consistent service levels.

Adjust the flow of call traffic to help improve customer experience

Nobody likes to wait for anything, and the same holds true for customers when they’re calling or emailing you. Streamlining your contact centre to make use of blending technology allows you to dynamically adjust the flow of traffic into different teams to making the best use of all your all your resources, and in some cases, meaning you can do more with smaller teams.

This can be particularly useful during the busier times of year. For example, the call centre for a retail store may need to adjust the flow of traffic in the run-up to Christmas, cutting down call waiting times and ensuring customer loyalty.

Use speech analytics to identify best practices

Speech analytics enable you to share best practices across the wider team in your contact centre. Not only that, but they enable you to improve customer experience by detecting emotion, tone or stress in their voice so you can handle their call accordingly.

Not only is speech analytics ideal for identifying best practices; it enables you to monitor the calls of your current employees, ensuring that they’re remaining on script throughout the day. This proves especially useful when you’re training new staff, as you’re able to allow them to listen to real time calls with actual customers.

The simple fact is that as soon as you’re able to streamline your contact centre technology, you’re going to benefit. From improved customer interactions to advanced data monitoring, there’s plenty of ways to help manage both your customers, and your stakeholders, expectations.


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