How To Motivate Disengaged Contact Centre Agents

How to motivate disengaged contact centre agents with tips for employee engagement
SJ Thompson of Evaluagent reveals 5 top tips for contact centre managers on how to motivate and engage those employees to achieving ‘Self Actualisation’.

You might already know of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, used across the world to show the different stages of human needs from survival all the way to self actualisation. Well, we’ve revamped Maslows Hierarchy of Needs to relate to employee engagement and the levels of motivation within a workplace. Take a look, and if you recognise some of the less engaged agent traits, what can you do to turn that frown upside down?

Chances are, you’ll recognise a few of your team who are on the lower end of the pyramid. To help you motivate disengaged and demotivated employees, we’ve pulled together 5 top tips for team managers on how to motivate and engage those employees to achieving ‘Self Actualisation’.

1. Provide recognition to those who deserve it.

Track and recognise performance improvements amongst agents in your team. Make a point of praising and recognising any improvements in effort or results you may see. Be specific – not only will this create a positive moment for the individual in question, but other agents will be motivated to work harder to get a pat on the back from their manager too.

2. Deliver constructive and intelligent feedback.

Forget about feedback as a formal process – keep it human. When you need to guide and coach your agents, outline what they’re doing well, and frame any performance issues as opportunities for improvement. Provide them with clear steps and instructions on what they need to do to turn things around.

3. See contact centre agents as more than just a resource.

Make an effort to find out a bit more about agents in your team – ask them how they’re doing or what they do with their spare time. Getting to know your agents can improve your relationship, meaning they’re more likely to go above and beyond for their team leader.

4. Start with the ‘why?’

Make sure that every goal you set with agents specifically links directly to current objectives. Explain to your teams that the work they do everyday is directly linked to the success of the company, and they have an opportunity to make a real difference.

5. Be the team leader you needed when you were an agent.

Develop your agents as individuals, give them credit for results, praise efforts and reward them when they succeed. This way, you can ensure your team is engaged, motivated and engaged.

Engagement is the key to any successful business, and agents in the contact centre industry can be some of the trickiest to keep motivated, even at the best of times.

This is why reward and recognition is one of the most important contributors to engagement.

Additional Information

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It’s a really useful guide to understanding the importance of reward and recognition in the contact centre as a way to motivate disengaged agents and improve employee engagement.

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