Investing in CX not only keeps customers happy, but it also generates long-term benefits such as customer loyalty, cost savings, and a strong brand reputation. Studies show that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for better CX, and companies that prioritise it see an average revenue increase of 4-8% year over year. In this article, we’ll explore the top CX trends that UK businesses need to take notice of to stay ahead in the game.Picture this: a bustling contact centre filled with agents fielding customer enquiries across multiple channels. On one side, there’s a customer chatting with a representative over a messaging app. On the other, a caller waiting patiently for their turn to speak to a live agent. Meanwhile, a social media post pops up on the company’s Facebook page, demanding immediate attention.

For many companies, this is the new normal in customer experience (CX). Customers expect to be able to reach companies through the channel of their choice, and they expect a seamless, consistent experience no matter where they reach out. But how do companies manage this omnichannel environment and ensure they are delivering the best possible CX?That’s where conversation analytics comes in.

By leveraging AI and natural language processing, conversation analytics can help companies gain a deeper understanding of customer interactions across all channels. This includes not just what customers are saying, but also the sentiment behind their words, the intent behind their inquiries, and even the tone of their voice.For example, a company with a large contact centre that handles voice conversations may struggle to identify areas where they can improve efficiency and consistency in their customer interactions. By using conversation analytics to analyse voice conversations, the company can identify inconsistencies in agent responses, common customer complaints, and other insights that can help them improve their customer experience.

Perhaps during analysis, the company discovers that many customers are calling with the same query but receiving inconsistent answers from agents. Armed with this insight, the company can create a standardised response that can be provided to all contact centre agents, ensuring that customers receive a consistent and accurate response every time.

But omnichannel isn’t just about delivering consistent experiences across channels. It’s also about understanding the ROI of CX investments. Measuring the financial impact of CX initiatives can be challenging due to the subjective nature of traditional CX measurement methods, like surveys, interviews, and customer feedback. However, by measuring the ROI of CX through metrics such as time savings resulting from efficiency gains, businesses can make informed investment decisions and identify areas where they can improve their CX strategy.

For instance, let’s say a company implements an omnichannel solution that reduces the average handle time per contact by 30%. By calculating the monetary value of time savings resulting from this efficiency gain, the company can see the financial impact of their CX investment. This information can then be used to determine the value of further CX investments, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Delivering a great CX in an omnichannel environment can seem like a daunting task. While voice remains the preferred customer communication channel, apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS, along with chatbots and AI, are changing the game. These digital alternatives enable customers to handle simpler queries, freeing up agents to manage more complex conversations.

By leveraging conversation analytics and understanding the ROI of CX investments, companies can gain the insights they need to deliver consistent experiences across channels and make data-driven decisions that lead to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, revenue.

Cirrus’ solution brings cross-channel communications into a single view to create seamless, personalised experiences for each customer. Our conversation analytics automatically captures every call, email, and social message, so that you can understand the true voice of your customers and your team.



Cirrus is a leading UK contact centre service provider that offers a true-cloud Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution, providing a wide range of digital channels and API integrations from within a single agent interface.

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