Data is Proving a Game-Changer for Contact Centres

According to research released today from the CCMA (Call Centre Management Association), data is transforming how contact centres operate and the quality of the customer and colleague experience. The research provides examples of the value created and the challenges that contact centre leaders will need to overcome.

The research, Contact centre data: a business game-changer, is the latest research produced by the UK’s leading association representing the UK call and contact centre industry. Supported by Customer Experience business process outsourcing and consultancy company, Webhelp, the aim of the research was to uncover the value and extent of the data and insights available in the contact centre, and shine a light on how it is impacting wider business performance and sustainability.

Leigh Hopwood, CEO at the CCMA, explains,

“Data is increasingly seen as the new oil because of the huge value it can bring. Contact centre operations have a particularly important role to play,”  “Contact centres house the single largest and richest repository of customer data anywhere in the organisation. The invaluable data collected here is used in every part of the business. To make the most of this ‘gold mine’ many organisations have built their own data and analytics teams within the contact centre.

“I was delighted to discover that many of these specialists started their careers on the frontline, so have an excellent and deep understanding that helps them make sense of contact centre data.”

Most contact centres collect a huge amount of information both via internal operational and behavioural data as well as customer and colleague surveys. The research revealed six ways in which data is changing the game for contact centres:

1. Real-time analytics deliver personalisation to the customer and help colleagues make better decisions.
2. Individual dashboards allow advisors to take control of their own performance, freeing up managers.
3. Analyst roles in the contact centre offer new career paths for colleagues who can bridge the technical gap to tell compelling stories from data.
4. More opportunities for contact centres to collaborate with other functions.
5. Through better attribution, raises the profile and strategic importance of the contact centre.
6. Reinforces a culture of fact-based decision making, using data to ‘bust myths’.

Chris Bryson, Managing Director Global Analytics, Gobeyond Partners, part of the Webhelp group, said,

“With advances in the analysis of unstructured conversational data, the ability to understand the customer experience is easier, putting the contact centre at the heart of an organisation’s efforts to transform their business,” s

“I was delighted to work on this research project to explore how contact centre leaders are using data to broaden their 360-degree view, to benefit their customers and employees alike. One of my personal highlights comes from the data-driven operational management space. Using predictive analytics to spot signs of advisor churn shows how data can be used to put people first and support their wellbeing.”



You can download the research from the CCMA by Clicking Here

For nearly 30 years, the CCMA (Call Centre Management Association), as the longest established contact centre industry body, has been dedicated to supporting contact centre leaders across the UK. Founded on the principles of sharing best practice and networking to improve skills and knowledge, the CCMA is a thriving community that represents leaders from a huge cross-section of the industry.

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