Contact centre management software expert Aquarium Software says many contact centres need to rethink what software solutions and technology they currently operate, following YouGov survey results which show 34 per cent of British people have said they have to re-explain previous conversations they have had with other people within the operation. Aquarium says that this may have been the accepted norm five or ten years ago but with integrated data solutions, this is certainly not the future.

aquarium.ed.shropshire.image.july.2016Ed Shropshire, Aquarium’s Managing Director commented,

With the correct technology in place, contact centres can offer a single point solution…today,. He says that call handlers at contact centres need full context when speaking with the customer, and argues that with case history information at agents’ fingertips, there would be no need for customers to repeat anything.

“We’ve all experienced at some time being passed around from one person to another when calling contact centres,” said Ed. “Callers having to re-explain themselves on the phone several times to multiple people is one of the biggest bugbears people have when it comes to dealing with contact centres. “It doesn’t have to be this way though; technology can assist in these sorts of situations. Full case histories can be displayed to agents, enhancing not only the customer’s journey but also the productivity of contact centre staff.”

Today’s consumers expect exceptional customer service and a quick resolution – no matter how big or small the question. Ed says contact centres can have their cake and eat it, thanks to the recent advances in integrated technology platforms.

“Our message is simple,” said Ed. “That the right solutions are out there for contact centres, at an affordable price. Even better, new software can be implemented not only rapidly, but also in such a way that ‘Business as Usual’ is not impacted. The future is here already – contact centres just need to embrace it,” he concluded.