PeopleTECH launches service to evaluate contact centre effectiveness

peopletech.logo.2015PeopleTECH has launched a new contact centre evaluation service, that provides a thorough review of a contact centre’s operations before recommending the best measures to improve it.

The DARE (Discovery, Analysis, Recommendations for change, Evolve) service focuses on all aspects of a contact centre, providing independent and informed analysis of performance. Based on this analysis, DARE provides ways to improve the contact centre in three key stages: immediate measures (addressing obvious and top line gaps / issues); tactical changes (improving current staff, tools and systems); and strategic recommendations (new contact centre, staff overhaul, new technology, new outsource partner, additional digital channels).“A contact centre should constantly evolve and refine how it operates to keep delivering a superior customer experience. Advances such the Visual IVR and other solutions that make the concept of the single digital channel a reality are breathing new life into the contact centre,” said Mike Hughes, MD, PeopleTECH. “But as an independent consultancy, we aren’t wedded to a particular technology, vendor or approach so we always make the very best recommendation for the firm we are working with.”

PeopleTECH is a customer management consultancy that advises organisations on how to deliver the right customer experience via people, processes and technology. The DARE process involves a PeopleTECH consultant conducting initial interviews with a range of key stakeholders at the contact centre. This will include the C Level sponsor to understand their perspective on the contact centre and its role in the company overall.

The consultant will then spend time in the contact centre itself, listening to calls and tracking other channels of communication, such as chat, email and social media, to get a comprehensive view of the contact centre’s capabilities.

DARE looks at the systems from both an operational ‘user’ perspective and the overall impact on the customer experience, before delivering a report with recommendations for improvement.

“Contact centres remain at the heart of delivering the right customer experience,” continued Mike Hughes. “There are millions of calls to contact centres every single day, so it’s imperative to make sure that contact centres run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Those with day-to-day responsibility of running a particular contact centre aren’t always removed enough to assess this, and our independent approach and track record in advising on contact centre strategy will be big factors in the success of DARE.”

For additional information see PeopleTech’s Website

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