Macfarlane Contact+


Macfarlane ‘s new Contact+ contact centre technology platform is now available as an on-premise system or as a cloud-based service.

At the heart of Contact+ is a powerful and sophisticated Conversation Management module that maintains an awareness of complete conversations, comprising any number of interactions, taking place between an organisation and its customers.

It enables agents to view these multi-channel interactions for any given issue as a single unified conversation thread. The conversations can:

  • Be over any period of time
  • Comprise any number of interactions
    Occur over a single or multiple channels (voice, web chat, email, SMS, social media)
  • Involve any number of participants
  • Be used to report on the Customer Journey and Experience

Conversation Management helps to promote continuity for customers, who no longer have to repeat themselves, and clarity for agents who can immediately see whole conversation histories. This empowers agents to provide quick relevant responses, adding to customer satisfaction, increasing agent productivity and thereby lowering costs.

Contact+ has been built from the ground-up to provide:

  • A comprehensive software suite for multichannel contact handling
  • An extensive set of applications including: call, screen and conversation recording; customer self-service; speech recognition; customer surveys; customer callback
  • A single consistent set of tools to configure and manage the platform for all channels
  • A streamlined agent desktop specially designed to simplify an increasingly complex environment leading to higher agent productivity
  • Powerful, unified reporting and feedback tools to measure contact centre agent performance as well as the customer experience across all channels
  • Fully integrated support for industry-leading workforce optimisation and analytics solutions

“The knowledge and experience gained from over 20 years of developing and delivering call and contact centre systems has gone into creating Contact+” said William Gray, CEO, Macfarlane.

“This learning has helped us create a platform that not only offers a unique approach to delivering an omni-channel service, but also helps advisors to serve customers rapidly and cost-effectively through what we believe to be the simplest and most intuitive agent desktop in the industry.”

“Of all the contact centre systems we looked at, Contact+ impressed us the most” said Darren Lake, CEO, Pure Cloud Solutions. “It’s by far the easiest to use for both supervisors and agents and its Conversation Management facility is unique in helping to resolve the problems created when customers choose to use multiple channels during the resolution of an issue.”


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