Friday-Ad – Job Loses at Contact Centre? – Job Loses at Contact Centre? It has been reported that Media Group Friday-Ad have entered into consultation period with 60 staff staff over future plans for the Pembroke Dock based contact centre. statement issued by Sam Kidger, Managing Director, of Friday Media group, said: “Friday Media Group are currently engaged in a period of consultation with our Pembrokeshire staff to help determine the future of our Pembroke dock contactcentre at the Cleddau Bridge Business Park. We intend to complete the process by autumn.

“We have always had a huge amount of respect for our loyal workforce in Pembroke Dock and we intend to fully support them through this process.

“We established Pembroke as a contact centre in 2002 when the need for us to handle high call volumes was paramount to our business model.

“This call handling requirement has gradually declined as we have expanded as an online and marketing led business.


“Our growth now is occurring in our online marketplaces nationally and internationally, an arena which a traditional contact centre is struggling to support. This is evident in how competitors such as Gumtree and Ebay have built their operations as self service entities.

 “It is for these reasons that we are now seeking a satisfactory resolution to address the challenges we face in Pembroke Dock.” additional information see the Friday-Ad Website


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