Fonolo and Conn3ct Partner to Save Consumers Waiting on Hold

Fonolo and Conn3ct Partner to Save British Consumers from Hours of Waiting on HoldFonolo, the cloud-based call-back solution pioneer, announced today that it has partnered with one of the United Kingdom’s top contact centre resellers to bring its innovative call-back solutions to companies across the UK.

Fonolo’s solutions allow organizations of all sizes to quickly and easily add call-back functionality to their contact centres, which improves customer satisfaction by eliminating hold times and reducing abandon rates.

Shai Berger, CEO, Fonolo, said,

“Consumers today are too busy to be kept waiting on hold. So, it’s no surprise that companies that replace hold time with a call-back have drastically improved their customer satisfaction rates,”

“This partnership will allow Conn3ct to provide their clients with a simple and effective solution to long hold times, building on the success shown by Fonolo’s North American partners.”

Conn3ct is one of the most trusted contact centre resellers, helping a wide range of companies excel by providing them with the right solutions to overcome their business challenges.

Martin Cross, Group CTO, Conn3ct, commenmted,

“Conn3ct is excited to be partnering with Fonolo,”

“We work tirelessly to add partners to our portfolio, ones that will enhance the customer experience of our client base, and Fonolo does just that. We believe that removing the frustration of long hold times by offering a call-back solution, is an opportunity to delight customers at what is historically an unhappy experience for them.”

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