10 Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Quality Analytics

Quality Analytics is transforming how modern contact centres operate. By leveraging AI and machine learning, these tools provide detailed insights into customer interactions that were simply not possible before.

Many contact centres are still doing quality management in an old-fashioned way – supervisors randomly listening in on a few calls per day, tallying up subjective scores on spreadsheets, and trying to use minimal data to coach agents. You know you could be doing better if you just had more insights!

Arming those same contact centres with an AI-powered quality analytics platform unlocks automatically scoring every single interaction on multiple factors and revealing trends, opportunities, and coaching insights you never saw before. This data-driven approach is a game-changer for agent development, uncovers major improvements, and takes customer experience to the next level. Quality Analytics is transforming outdated call monitoring practices into strategic programs that boost performance across the board.

Implementing an effective quality analytics strategy takes some planning and effort, but the payoff in performance improvement can be immense. Here are 10 best practices to help you get the most value from your quality analytics program:

Monitor and Score Every Call

The key to quality analytics is collecting data – and the more interactions you can monitor, the better. Strive to record and analyse 100% of customer calls, chats, and emails. Advanced analytics tools can score interactions on multiple factors in real time, flagging any requiring attention.

Set Keywords and Phrases to Recognise Customer Sentiment

Configure your quality analytics tool to listen for certain keywords and phrases that indicate customer satisfaction – or dissatisfaction. This allows you to automatically detect interactions that need follow-up and uncover systemic issues affecting CX.

Create Structured Data Points from Speech

Quality analytics transforms call recordings into searchable data. Quality analytics tools extract insights like compliance, agent performance metrics and sentiment analysis. This data informs workforce management, training, and operational improvements.

Utilise Quality Analytics for Training and Quality Management

Data-driven insights from quality monitoring should directly feed into your training and quality programs. Prioritise training on topics where analytics uncover knowledge gaps. Observe high performers to propagate best practices.

Use the Data to Engage Agents

Share quality analytics findings with agents to reinforce successes and areas for improvement. Recognise top performers. Bring agents into the process to gain buy-in and maximise quality gains.

Manage Performance in Real Time

The best quality analytics tools allow supervisors to monitor interactions in real-time. This enables immediate coaching of agents to address issues as they occur. Real-time data also helps optimise intraday operations.

Recognise Sales Leads

Configure analytics to detect potential sales opportunities within customer service calls. Alert agents or sales teams to follow up on promising leads uncovered within the data.

Reduce Agent Effort on Tedious Tasks

Quality analytics automates tedious quality assurance activities like manual call listening and scoring. This saves agents time while generating more comprehensive insights compared to human monitoring.

Manage Compliance

Ensure adherence to policies, procedures and regulatory requirements by using quality analytics to detect compliance failures. Identify training needs to address any systemic gaps.

Unlock Potential Across Your Teams with Data-Driven Processes

The insights from quality analytics inform every aspect of managing the contact centre – hiring, training, operations, coaching and more. Adopt a data-driven culture for continuous improvement.

Top 3 Customer Service Quality Monitoring Tools

Advanced AI-powered quality analytics tools can transform customer experience, but the software market offers many options. Here are three top-rated solutions to consider if you’re looking to take your contact centre monitoring to the next level:
Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis uses speech analytics, machine learning and NLP to automatically gauge the mood of customer interactions. This provides an objective emotional analysis – are customers frustrated, delighted or neutral? Segment interactions by sentiment to focus on improvements.
Automated Scoring

Automated call scoring eliminates tedious and subjective manual evaluation of interactions. AI-powered tools score calls on numerous factors in real-time, from compliance to issue resolution. Gain consistent, comprehensive insights to drive coaching.

Contact Centre Analytics

Robust analytics suites integrate and correlate data from quality monitoring, workforce management, CRM and other systems. This 360-degree view helps spot trends and root causes of customer experience issues. Analytics empower strategic improvements.

How to Start Using Quality Analytics in Your Contact Centre

Ready to implement an AI-driven quality analytics program? Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Choose the Right Quality Analytics Tool

Research vendors to select a solution that best fits your needs and integrates with your tech stack. Look for robust speech analytics, machine learning capabilities and an easy-to-use dashboard.

Step 2: Configure the Software

Work with your vendor to set up the quality analytics tool – call recording integration, speech analytics, scoring parameters, alerts and more. Align configurations to your contact centre goals.

Step 3: Train Your Staff

Educate agents and supervisors on the quality analytics platform. Explain how it will be used for evaluation and coaching. Gain buy-in by emphasising the benefits for staff development.

Step 4: Analyse and Act on the Data

Review quality analytics insights, identify trends and develop strategies to address opportunities uncovered in the data. Turn findings into better training, processes and customer experiences.

With the right quality analytics solution and implementation approach, you can transform random call monitoring into a strategic program that boosts operational performance, agent engagement and customer satisfaction. Consult quality analytics specialists like Cirrus to ensure you get maximum value from this critical contact centre technology.



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