Verint Introduces Business Impact Solution

Verint® Systems Inc. have announced the availability of Verint Branch Sales Effectiveness™, the latest addition to its series of Business Impact Solutions™.

The offering helps optimize customer engagement by combining results-driven consulting with patented software to help financial institutions drive revenue.

Today’s retail branches face considerable pressure to increase revenue, yet many are challenged by limited visibility into employee behaviors across their branch networks. The scenario is further compacted when the technology they may already have in place is configured based on outdated scenarios. This has led forward-thinking bank executives to actively seek ways to improve the bottom line. Financial institutions are looking for solutions that provide insights into ways to advance existing customer relationships and cross-sell complementary banking products to offer greater value.

That’s where the Verint Branch Sales Effectiveness solution can help. This new branch-specific offering leverages Verint’s award-winning workforce optimization (WFO) suite to provide insight into employee sales behavior and performance that can drive revenue by enhancing sales activities and productivity across branches. By establishing the current state of branch effectiveness and providing the tools necessary to understand where improvements can be made, Verint Branch Sales Effectiveness can evaluate the impact of changes on an ongoing basis by monitoring and sharing individual employee, branch and regional sales performance to provide visibility into key operational metrics and sales production.

Financial institutions can benefit from the following Branch Sales Effectiveness functionality:

Branch Sales Productivity Assessment

Core to the solution is the focused branch sales productivity assessment. Once completed, this evaluation helps establish a baseline to measure future performance and provide recommendations for improvement. Verint subject matter experts examine current processes and interview stakeholders to learn more about customer interactions, identify existing sales initiatives and discover lower-value activities that could potentially prevent sellers from focusing on sales. This detailed analysis for management can be used as a guide for any needed changes.

Technology Solutions for Actionable Insight

Leveraging its desktop and process analytics capabilities, Verint Branch Sales Effectiveness enables organizations to identify and quantify hidden staff capacity that can be used for outbound calling or other sales-supporting activities. Additionally, it can monitor employee desktops to capture and report on how staff perform different activities and execute sales processes, offering insight into staff utilization, individual sales productivity and average time spent per activity. It also can expedite the sales process by auto-populating data across applications and offering personalized guidance to employees via on-screen instructions.

To provide employees, branch managers and executive management with ongoing visibility into sales metrics, the solution’s advanced scorecard capabilities display key sales performance metrics to each employee based on their role. Through these objective assessments and views, employees gain ongoing visibility into how they’re performing, and where they can make adjustments to help achieve their objectives and enhance their performance. Coaching sessions can also be automatically triggered when scores fall below thresholds, helping managers focus on the employees or branches that need it most.

Performance Monitoring from Mobile Devices

For added convenience, organizations can use Verint’s native mobile app that delivers convenient, secure access to individual, team and/or branch scorecards on mobile devices without requiring access to a computer. Available as an optional add-on, it enables managers to stay on top of sales performance from anywhere, at any time.

“Verint Branch Sales Effectiveness is designed to help retail banks address and overcome a variety of common challenges they face today—such as declining sales, lower staff productivity and a lack of visibility into their branch networks,” explains Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager, strategic operations, Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions™. “The solution also enables leaders to compare actual sales processes to preferred processes in order to help employees work and engage customers more effectively.”

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