The Contact People Announce Expansion of Contact Centre

Contact centre outsource company The Contact People, based in Wavertree, Liverpool have announced as recruitment drive at their Contact Centre which will see its headcount increase from 50 to 250 over the next 3 years.

The company, who were recently bought out by the Call Centre Group as part of a £4m investment, provide 24 hour telephone customer service and live chat operation for a range of sectors.

Head of HR, Katherine Horton, said: “We are aiming to position Liverpool as a centre of excellence for highly complex customer services and incident management calls, and would like the business to be seen as a key provider of these services to customers in the city and surrounding region.

“We are absolutely committed to keeping the ethos of The Contact People, and building on its strengths.

“Many of the staff have been with the company for 10 years or more, and senior management even longer, and there’s a depth of skill and experience which is very rare in this sector and will be a key factor in growing our business in the region.”

Katherine concluded, “One of the strong points about the Liverpool operation is the staff’s high level of emotional intelligence. They don’t work off scripts, but use frameworks to make sure the customers are helped and advised as quickly as possible.

“When a caller is in a complex situation, they want support – not to have to go through a list of questions. This is one of the strengths of The Contact People approach.”

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