Lloyds Banking Group Close Motherwell Contact Centre

lloyds.banking.group.logoAfter the announcement of the Closure of Lloyd’s Motherwell contact centre with the transfer to its Glasgow site in September 2013 MP Frank Roy and MSP John Pentland have labeled the Group as “morally reprehensible”.

Mr Roy said: “We think their minds were made up to pursue this cynical cost-cutting exercise while covering themselves by offering employees a choice that is not really a choice at all. Especially in an area such as Motherwell, with high unemployment and social deprivation, being offered a job in Glasgow, with all the extra time and costs of traveling, or the alternative of no job at all – that’s not a real choice. Clearly transfer to another job in the Motherwell area was never a realistic option for more than a few employees.

“For part-time staff, the burden of travel takes a bigger chunk of their wages, and the extra time spent traveling may be prohibitive given the other commitments that lead them to work part-time.”

A bank spokesman said: “Following a review of our telephone banking structure and property arrangements, we have taken the decision to close our Motherwell contact centre by the end of September 2013. All staff will be offered a new role in our Atlantic Quay contact centre in Glasgow.

“Colleagues whose journey time will increase by either 10 miles or 30 minutes each way will be eligible for a travel allowance for 12 months from the date of transfer.”

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