Jobs at Risk at Agilisys Barrow Contact Centre

It has been reported that outsorce company Agilisys are set to make contact centre staff redundant after losing a major outsource contract.

agilisys.logo.2014The contact centre staff at Agilisys in Barrow, have been advised that from March next year, their jobs were likely to be cut after the firm lost its contract with Consumer Direct.

Agilisys Contact Services established the Barrow centre in 2005 to provide the Consumer Direct North West Service in partnership with Cumbria County Council to 21 Local Authorities in the North West.

Agilisys and Cumbria County Council’s Trading Standards team were selected to provide the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Consumer Direct Northwest advice centre for the North West region.

Agilisys, a business services firm headquartered in London which employs 2,000 people in the UK, confirmed that all staff had been advised of the contract loss.; although the Agilsys declined to say how many jobs were at risk it was thought to be in the region of 100.

A spokesperson from Agilisys said:

“From March 2017, Agilisys will no longer be delivering the Citizens Advice consumer service as the contract will have come to a natural end.

“The exact impact on our employees is not yet known but as soon as we are aware we will inform them directly. We are providing support to our employees affected by the changes.”

Additional Information

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