Jabra Evolve Series – Now Certified for Microsoft Teams

Jabra Evolve Series – now certified for Microsoft Teams

Today Jabra announces that its Evolve Series is certified for Microsoft Teams. Jabra will support existing users of its Evolve Series of products with a free and flexible upgrade to their device via a firmware update. The upgrade is not just limited to Jabra’s headset Series as select collaboration and call-centric products, including the Jabra PanaCast, are certified for Microsoft Teams too.

Collaboration tools are no longer a nice add-on but an essential. Today, 80% of time at work is spent collaborating, with 1 in 3 meetings happening virtually and 38% joining meetings via mobile. Teams is the hub for teamwork, bringing together chat, meetings, calling and file collaboration into a single place.

Devices like the Jabra Evolve Series that are certified for Microsoft Teams provide a great audio quality and plug and play experience with call control buttons. The devices offer a new level of integration with Teams with the ability to bring Teams to the foreground at the touch of a button. Now users can get notifications when a meeting is starting, or if they have missed calls and can take action directly from their headset.

Evolving the Jabra Series

Jabra will tap into its decade-long experience of developing technology in collaboration with Microsoft to offer its customers a seamless transition to Teams.

Jabra will provide its existing customers who have legacy certified products a flexible upgrade when making the move to Teams. The upgrade will happen via a free firmware update that will automatically be prompted when users connect their headsets to Jabra Direct or Xpress.

New purchases of Evolve Series will come with Teams certification already incorporated, with the same look and feel as the rest of the range.

Models that are upgraded to offer Teams button functionality won’t have the same button icon and may have different notification colour on the LED as do new models which are certified for Teams. Please check user documentation for details.

The certification is being rolled out across Jabra’s existing Evolve Series:
Evolve 80 / Evolve 75 / Evolve 65 / Evolve 65t / Evolve 40 / Evolve 30 II / Evolve 20

Millions deployed

Having sold millions, the Jabra Evolve Series of professional headsets has become the leading UC headset series for noise cancellation to aid concentration in open office environments, since the first one was launched in 2014. Today, the Series comprises of nine different models, from the entry-level Evolve 20 to the flagship ANC model Evolve 80. With the signature busy-light notification of surroundings and premium noise management, the Evolve Series is present in many office and home office settings across the globe.

Jabra’s latest Evolve2 Series is already Certified for Microsoft Teams and a dedicated Teams button that allows you to interact with the app with just one touch.

The rest of the Evolve products, Evolve 65e and Evolve 75e will follow suit with Teams certification by the end of the year.

The certification also extends to selected collaboration and call-centric products including the Jabra PanaCast, Speak 750 and Engage 50.

A select handful of Jabra products also meet the additional Open Office requirement – a strict test of how effective a headset microphone is at suppressing surrounding noise and office talk. This requirement is only afforded to those who are able to prove top audio engineering expertise. Jabra Evolve 75 was the first

Open Office certified headset in the market when it was rolled out in 2019. Now, all three Evolve 2 models (Evolve2 85, Evolve2 65, Evolve2 40) as well as Engage 50 meet these next level standards, offering users the ultimate reassurance that their device is suited for any environment.

Holger Reisinger, SVP at Jabra added,

“A partnership with Jabra is a partnership for a lifetime. This is why we are making sure our existing customers of our Evolve Series are supported every step of the way as they move to Teams.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working alongside Microsoft to ensure our customers get the most of their devices. We believe this transition will help elevate collaboration and concentration efforts for everyday users and businesses alike.”

Albert Kooiman, Director of Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification, said,

“We are pleased that Jabra is expanding their portfolio of devices Certified for Microsoft Teams so customers can benefit from innovations like a dedicated button for Microsoft Teams that make it easy to join a meeting with one click.”



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