Improving Customer Experience (CX) with Self-Built AI

Improving Customer Experience (CX) within contact centres with Self-Built AI

AI applications help organisations improve their customer experience in myriad ways including AI-powered bots that speed-up problem solving and AI digital co-workers that enhance agent performance. The benefits are becoming so clear that IDC predicts that 40% of the Global 2000 will augment their human staff with AI digital co-workers by 2025.

If you are concerned that the benefits of AI might be beyond your grasp, you should know that you don’t have to hire a developer or bridge an internal capability gap in order to get going. Businesses can easily launch and customise their own powerful, CX-enhancing AI using cloud-native, API-based architecture from leading technology vendors that allows you to design and build AI-based applications and prove them out in a low-risk way.

Customers do it for themselves

Standard Focus is an example of an organisation that has improved its customer experience with a “self-build” approach to AI. The BPO’s contact centre blends various media streams (chat, email, voice, video, social) with self-built AI chatbots and voice bots using the Avaya Experience Platform and Google Dialogflow. These fully functional bots pass customer conversations through an intelligent AI engine to make informed CX decisions quickly and precisely with support for three different languages.

The result is that Standard Focus’ handling time has decreased by 50% over the last three years and its abandonment rate has been under 0.5% most months. Conversational context collected by the bots are key for the company to see and understand problematic customer journeys and how to fix them as soon as possible.



Stephen Cunningham is Sales Director UK Enterprise at Avaya

The full Standard Focus case study can be read here Clicking Here


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