Foehn Responds to Changing Cloud Contact Centre Market

Foehn rebrand responds to changing demands of the cloud contact centre and unified communications market.

For the first time in its eighteen-year history, Foehn has announced the rebranding of its cloud communications systems and services. The decision is a response to customer research which identifies an important shift in market demand and addresses customer calls for systems that are better value and more intuitive to use than other solutions on the market.

Foehn CTO, James Passingham, explains the timing of this decision:

“Over the past 12 months, our achievements have been extraordinary. Our newly-launched Voxivo Cloud Phone won the ITSPA award for ‘Best VoIP Software of 2018’, Genesys made us ‘Purecloud Partner of the Year’, we ramped up our accreditations with ISO/IEC 27001 and were listed on G-Cloud for the seventh year running.”

“We have now launched our new VoxivoCX cloud contact centre. With a headcount and turnover that have doubled since 2016, we’ve come a long way since we started back in 2000. That’s why we’ve decided to refresh our brand now.”

The new Foehn branding emphasises the strong differentiators delivered by an in-house development team with an obsession for making cloud contact centres and unified communications intuitive to use. This comes together in Foehn’s ‘Evolve & Engage’ strategy that focuses on customer needs in three areas:

– Giving more control to the customer. Easy system configuration and management to put more control in the hands of employees and managers. This delivers greater agility at less cost.
– Getting more value from investment. To help companies leverage their technology investments Foehn’s products are always designed to be open. This ensures companies can integrate with existing platforms and look at their future investments. They also use open source where possible for speed, functionality and reliability. Foehn knows that great user experience is essential to their product design including easy to consume analytics. They know that intuitive design makes for rapid user adoption and therefore key to companies deriving value from their chosen solution.
– The complete solution. A total service with all the telecommunications products and professional services needed for smooth implementation.

Unlikely many solutions being built via acquisition, people are more likely to adopt a tool more rapidly if they designed coherently and consistently. In line with market requirements, the intuitive design of Voxivo addresses the risk of unnecessary functionality posed by other phone systems and cloud contact centres. Similarly, Voxivo’s integrated collaboration suite eliminates the ‘collaboration overload’ which arises from the disjointed mix of the legacy, stand-alone collaboration tools that have proliferated over recent years.

James Passingham summarises:

“From the beginning, we’ve built our systems and our reputation on the quest for ‘communications without complexity’. The combination of beautiful design, rapid adoption and quality services will help customers achieve their goals for customer engagement. Usability has become the driver of great product design. We meet so many customers who are confused by a very noisy market where ‘bigger and better’ claims turn out to be much the same. We think the ‘beautiful design, rapid adoption, quality services’ message of our new branding resonates.”

Foehn’s branding and the quest for intuitive design translate into a focus on ‘speed of adoption and value’. Julian Barrow, Foehn Sales Director, explains why customers expect to see greater value from intuitive, fully featured systems:

“Feedback from our SME customer base tells us two things. The speed of adoption and integration is key for collaboration and contact centre functionality. When it comes to issues that are complex, urgent, high value or emotionally-charged, the human voice is paramount. Secondly, by keeping system specification tight around key features, customers expect to pay a competitive price that reflects the streamlined functionality. In short, the priorities are speed of user adoption and value.”

Additional Information

Foehn’s new branding kick-starts an intensive programme of customer events and communications planned for 2019/20. Details can be found on the new Website

Foehn provides cloud communications products, delivering contact centres and unified communications to the private and public sectors.

We continually challenge ourselves to solve problems and build better cloud communications to help you work smarter. By combining our own technology, with uncompromising design principles and the power of open source, we can deliver truly intuitive communications products. This is how we make the complex simple. Regardless of your needs, our experienced team can help reduce the challenges and costs of moving to a new generation of cloud communications products.

We are the ITSPA Best VoIP Software Winner 2018 with customers spanning every sector. We have also won awards for our contact centre implementations as the Genesys PureCloud partner of the Year.

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