Combating Challenges In The Contact Centre During COVID-19

Top Tips For Combating Challenges In The Contact Centre During COVID-19

Running a Contact Centre when some of your team could be working remotely can be difficult and will throw many challenges in your way.

Join Business System’ panel of experts who have real-life Contact Centre experience talking about “Top Tips for combating challenges in the Contact Centre during COVID-19”.

Business Systems are covering:

– Balance demand and good customer service – How can you proactively manage the demand to alleviate some of the pressures?

– Keeping a pulse on what’s happening without walking the floor – How can you use data insights to manage your business?

– Keeping Agents engaged and productive – How can you motivate and support your staff?

– Future-proofing – How do you make sure the tactical decisions you are making today fit in with your strategic plans?



Thursday 23rd April 2020 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM BST

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