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    Who We Are

    Certified by leading technology providers including Microsoft, Avaya and Nuance, we have provided successful communication solutions to organisations of every type and size across the world for nearly two decades.

    We've also helped organizations navigate the challenges associated with choosing and managing disparate technologies, and have guided them through the complexities of integrating communication solutions into multiple systems and environments.

    Our core expertise is in developing computer telephony integration (CTI) software solutions which can be tailored to individual requirements and budgets. Our vast experience in this area allows us to create powerful, innovative products and cloud services that complement the functionality provided by Avaya and Microsoft Unified Communications.

    How We Do It

    By combining the latest technologies for unified communications, contact centre, collaboration and workflow automation, we empower organisations to provide an exceptional customer interaction experience.

    We create contact centre software and cloud services, and resell complementary software solutions to make the leading SIP telephony, unified communication and contact centre platforms even better and more productive. And with the extensive skill and expertise of our professional services team, we can maximise the benefits of your communications environment by tailoring solutions to your specific needs, integrating them seamlessly with your other business systems and by automating your business processes.

    The Bottom Line

    No matter how complex or diverse your business needs may be, we have the expertise to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions that leverage and extend your existing communications investments and strategies so that you can provide the ultimate customer interaction experience.

    Contact Information

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